On May 6th, "From Monet to Surage: The Road to European Modern Painting (1800-1980)" and the starting ceremony of the Springtime of Sino-French Lifestyle was held in the first ground of the Artwork Museum of Tsinghua University or college,modern black and white art,minimalist artwork,black and white canvas painting,big canvas art for sale,simple black and white wall art

"Shanghai in china Essential oil Painting and Figurine Institute Realistic look Creation Series Exhibit Commemorating the 90tthey would Wedding anniversary of the Founding of the Army" has lately opened at the Shanghai in china Oil Painting and Sculpture Start Art Art gallery, and showed the "Shanghai Oil Painting and Figurine Company 'Jinggang' Thematic Creation and Record Exhibition" The 90th Anniversary Shanghai Oil Painting and Figurine Institute Thematic Creation Event "and" Shanghai Essential oil Painting and Statue Company Collection Oil Painting Works Display Display "have three displays, both the classic functions and artwork docs made by the essential oil painting institute artists in the 1970s and 1980s, simply because well as in the courtyard today,contemporary art black and white,cool abstract art,black and white painting style,black and whote painting,oversized abstract wall art