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New York is really a big apple for art learners. It's red and bright, but because it's too big, it's suddenly confronted and almost impossible to get down to it. Last June, I went to New York. I wandered around Manhattan every day. I really had a feeling about New York. Because New York is a great collection, she not only collects works of art from all over the world but also collects artists from all over the world, where there are so many people and so on. Whoever you have to look at it.

Black and White Painting Eagle

This time to New York, although lost interest in museums, but interested in the streets of New York shops. "New York itself is a work of art." That's perfectly true. The skyscrapers in New York and the huge advertisements in the streets constitute the most impressive works of this century. When you go to Times Square, the big advertisements along the street are magnificent, surprisingly large and completely deterrent. The pair-like trademark of Nike shoes can occupy a wall of a skyscraper. A nearly naked man with only underwear --- advertising his underwear --- lies half a mile horizontally with his head propped up. What other works of art can rival the power of this commercial image? Moreover, we should not forget that art has not appeared in the title of art for a long time, but for practical purposes. Let's assume that if we want to provide archaeologists thousands of years later with the most reflective cultural relics of modern New York life, is it an advertisement on the streets of New York or Warhol's paintings? Think for yourself. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

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I spent a lot of time walking freely in the street, and I really felt that I would rather see the gallery than the museum. I would rather go shopping than in the gallery. Museums have the highest status, the largest shelves, and the deepest stereotypes. The gallery's status is lower, the shelves are smaller and the taste of bullying is less. The shops along the street are even better. They are thorough in nature and never pretend to be deep or far-fetched. Selling goods is selling goods, with a share of sincerity and dishonesty. And these businesses are all interesting and insightful people, they can make a street into a colorful exposition, each shop is a complete image of the work, with a clear focus and prominent personality. I looked at them one by one and was completely fascinated. I really don't need to go to the Guggenheim Museum to see the installation of modern artists, to the Museum of Modern Art to see the videos made by avant-garde artists. Those are circles of reproduction, painstaking metaphors, where can we catch up with the straightforwardness of New York City itself and expose them completely. The prosperity of New York's art community is largely due to galleries. Often, you can find excellent black and white paintings in a small, unimportant Gallery --- and, of course, poorly painted paintings. But it doesn't matter. Good and bad are no longer the criteria for post-modern painters to choose their paintings. Because in these days, exquisite perfection is a good thing, and childishness can also be a good thing, the post-modern allowed everything. Handmade Large Abstract Painting on Canvas Sale Online, Oversized Abstract Wall Art , Minimalist Art Black and White Painting for Home and Office Decor.

Abstract painting canvas shows labors desire
I was born in a small mountain village with four fields,every autumn season when I like to swim in the rice fields,to put it on the Internet: "these are the rivers and mountains that I have laid down!"That kind of smooth and that kind of pleasure,now I still remember.

Black And White Abstract Art, Contemporary Art Painting
Black And White Abstract Art, Contemporary Art Painting

When the fall is coming,I had not returned to the rice field,and had not experienced the innocence and happiness again,but I felt another character of the working people in one painting.It was a coincidence that I saw this one in the boss's office. The main body of the picture is three peasant women, the large black and white abstract background is a group of busy people and high-rise stack of wheat.It was a coincidence that I saw this one in the boss's office. The main body of the picture is three peasant women, the background is a group of busy people and high-rise stack of wheat.
The seller saw that I was interested in oil painting, began to introduce to me: "the picker," he said,which was created in 1857 by Hans Muller, a famous French realist painter,which vividly depicted the 19th century French rural life and had a strong rural life atmosphere. It is also the most representative of Hans Muller's works.The seller also gave me a boast,saying that I still have a lot of research on oil painting, that these contrast techniques are correct.
Hans Muller is indeed a master of exquisite painting skills and the application of bright lines deep into the bone marrow, the technique of contrast is clinging to the hand,for such a physical linear understanding like a professional scholar.A professional expert, like Leonardo DA Vince who is included in the abstract painting canvas.

Hand Made Extra Large Black White Horse Canvas Painting
Hand Made Extra Large Black White Horse Canvas Painting

The creative significance of this painting lies in Hans Muller's pursuit of reality,a social reality that causes doubts about the society of later generations.Doubt the mighty French empire at that time, doubt the beginning of the European revolution.Hans Muller used concise techniques in all his paintings, showing rich connotations, seemingly plain rural harvest scenes, but still expressed the artist's unknown secret, blend feelings in painting,send painting expression,his ideas were naturally revealed through real images and scenes.  Hand Made Extra Large Black White Horse Canvas Painting
This "ear picker" painted by Hans Muller creates an unspeakable typical peasant.His simple peasants, kind peasants and honest peasants blend together a kind of childish beauty.It always smelled of earth.He expressed farmers' attachment to the land with brushes and colors,and revealed the joys and sorrows of human struggles around the land in this abstract painting canvas.


We will understand the development of Large Abstract Canvas Art oil painting, from typically the thin and aesthetic traditional realistic oil painting in early period for the Impressionist oil painting in search of exterior light to typically the duck-painted Oversized Abstract Art oil painting, which has different techniques in addition to offers people different feelings.

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Despite the fact that there are many universities associated with Extra Large Abstract Painting, that will not be segregated to sum up about three styles too significantly! Olive oil painting is extensively spread as a result of special substance, that can be thin or even thick. Large Abstract Art Sale, could be completed previously, can likewise be revised consistently, in addition to for a long moment would not fade, effortless aid, so olive oil painting is known as the world's painting, just like the king regarding audio instruments-piano. Regarding olive oil painting appreciation, various models have got advantages and drawbacks. notice personal aesthetic interest. Time-honored painting is just like and beautiful, many people just like, but dull work out there of real life; Impression painting sunshine brilliant color class is also loved, but color. Excessive overall performance also makes some folks challenging to accept; subjective art give people a new and much more imaginative space, nevertheless some folks think that is window blind! Some people like flat because a mirror, some folks like the particular uneven three-dimensional feeling.

Content abstract: this article mainly introduces the  Extra Large Modern Painting that evolved from realistic oil painting style to intuitive expression form, the theoretical and perceptual influence in the process, the visual effect of the picture, and the understanding of the visual world of Big Wall Art Online. Then the exploration of oil painting expression forms, promote the creation and development of oil painting into the inner world and the perfect combination of expression forms.


Key words: realism Large Modern Abstract Art,emotional expression, intuition representation, visual world

In the 21st century, as the main type of easel painting, oil painting and its creation have shown a prosperous development trend in China. From learning and studying the traditional techniques and styles of oil painting to understanding the visual rules and forms of expression of oil painting, painters gradually realize the rational and emotional aspects of oil painting, as well as its influence and impact. They have begun to engage in the language exploration of abstract, semi-abstract, experimental expression and behavioral art, and many more independent individual styles have gradually formed and established. Although the performance of  Large Abstract Canvas Art is no longer a hot issue in the development trend of world art, it is not meaningless to the Chinese art circles today. Because of the visual tradition with abstract meanings in traditional Chinese art forms, Chinese oil painters also have extensive creative space in utilizing suitable motif, image and symbol transformation. In addition to the influence of fashion culture, the publicity of personality, economic needs and social recognition, oil painting, which is based on rigorous realistic and purely objective performance in China, has begun to move towards intuitive and abstract expression. Of course, performance is only an external way, and it is more important to explore the deep meaning of its visual world.

The so-called visual world refers to the perception and stimulation presented by the screen, which includes a series of surface concepts such as shape, color, line, stroke, and texture, and the resulting depth, level, volume, texture, and hue., atmosphere, It also reflects the author's emotional factors, which are the fusion of his own experience, modeling ability, and performance skills. This belongs to the deep-seated content of the screen and can cause visual excitement and even ideological resonance. Realism refers to a "real" and "pure objective" painting method that is based on the "all-factor" sketch, and the "Impressionist" color is the expression method, which is closer to the "photo" effect; Intuitive expression can be said to be a form of modern oil painting expression, or it can be considered as a conscious and unconscious behavior of the painter in the process of creation. Here, there is no in-depth discussion of theory and techniques.This is just borrowing the general idea of this form.